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Jihadists confirm they are ‘soldiers’ of the Palestinian Authority waging jihad against Israel



Palestinian Media Watch again provides proof of what the Palestinian “resistance” is really about: it is a jihad to annihilate Israel “from the River to the Sea.” It has nothing to do with human rights or justice. This is abundantly documented.

The Palestinians’ persistent propaganda campaign covers up this truth, as it is accepted by most of the mainstream media and sold to the entire world.

“Terrorists confirm they are soldiers of the PA,” by Itamar Marcus, Palestinian Media Watch, February 1, 2023:

Released terrorist to PA Chairman Abbas: “We’ll remain your loyal soldiers”

Father of terrorist: “We were surprised that he was a fighter and that he was one of the soldiers ending the occupation…all our prisoners, and they are considered soldiers… they are actually soldiers”

Released Israeli Arab terrorist murderer: “The duty of all the officials [is] to work for [the prisoners’] freedom. These are their prisoners. These are their soldiers. They did what they did on orders from them.”
The Palestinian Authority and its leaders openly admit that all the imprisoned Palestinian terrorists are their soldiers who they sent to fight and even kill Israelis. The terrorists are defined in PA law as the “fighting sector … of the Palestinian society.” Since the terrorists are “soldiers,” the PA also demands – without any legal basis– that the terrorists be treated as “prisoners of war.” Palestinian Media Watch has shown that the PA justifies its Pay-for-Slay terror reward policy by explaining that, “it is impossible to send a soldier to war and then not take care of his family” [Deputy Prime Minister Nabil Abu Rudeina -see below]. The question is, do the terrorists themselves, even members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, agree that they are all soldiers of the PA?

The terrorists and their families see themselves as “soldiers” of the PA

Released terrorist Hussein Suleiman Al-Zre’I, member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) – an internationally designated terror organization – spoke with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in a televised phone conversation. Three times during the conversation Al-Zre’i stressed to Abbas that the imprisoned terrorists see themselves as “your loyal soldiers.” Al-Zre’i, who served 19 years in prison for carrying out shooting and mortar attacks further emphasized that as Abbas’ and Fatah’s “soldiers” they “will continue on this path – meaning the path of terror. Mahmoud Abbas’ response was to praise the terrorist for doing his part: “It is a great and important part”:

Released prisoner Hussein Suleiman Al-Zre’i: “May Allah bless you, Your Honor the President. You are the symbol of the existing leadership, and we’ll remain your loyal soldiers. We are aware of the positions you have held on the prisoners’ cause, and on the cause of the salaries of the Martyrs and prisoners… Allah willing, our aspirations of establishing the Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem will be realized under your leadership, and we will remain soldiers loyal to you, your leadership, and all the members of the [Fatah] Central Committee. Our struggle is part of the Palestinian people’s struggle and part of the struggle of our [prisoners’] movement, which is fighting and attempting to reach a state through its struggle, and we will continue on this path. This is what Fatah has accustomed us to… [My] struggle, 19 years [in prison], is a tiny part of the deep and great struggle that you have led…”

Mahmoud Abbas: “May Allah bless you. It is not a tiny part, it is a great and important part, and it is a brick in building the great palace that will come about without a doubt: the independent Palestinian state. There is no doubt we’ll get rid of them and their occupation, and no doubt our flag [will fly above] Jerusalem…”

Hussein Suleiman Al-Zre’i: “We will triumph and Fatah will triumph… We support you and will remain your loyal soldiers until the end.”

[Facebook page of the Fatah Movement – Northern Gaza Strip Branch, Dec. 20, 2021]

The families of the terrorists also see their children as soldiers of the PA. This was made clear by Munir Zgheir, the father of terrorist Ashraf Zgheir, who stressed that both his terrorist son and all the other imprisoned terrorists are “soldiers”:


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