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Jasmine Blocker ties her fallopian tube; gives reasons she doesn’t want children (Video)



A 30-year-old American athlete, Jasmine Blocker, gives reasons as she medically ties her fallopian tube to prevent having children.

jasmine blocker

She took to her official TikTok page to share the journey of her fallopian tube surgery known as Tubal Ligation – a reversible medical surgery.

The athlete revealed that she made the decision because she does not feel what every other woman feels when it comes to having children of their own.

30-year-old athlete ties her fallopian tube; gives reasons she doesn't want children (Video)

Sharing a comment from one of her followers who stated that she on her end loves kids for no reason, Jasmine stated that she lacks what it took to feel the same way.

“This is beautiful and it’s actually comments like this that really made me realize that mom life just isn’t for me ?,” she wrote.

Watch the video below …