Iwalewa Unlimited: Lagos Socialite and Businesswoman Announces Monthly Event Series “Cocktail of Fun”

“Iwalewa Unlimited,” a brainchild of Iwalewa Davies, a distinguished serial entrepreneur and communications professional, is a new entertainment platform aimed to redifine entertainment and nightlife in Lagos. This innovative venture is a monthly event series aptly named “Cocktail of Fun,” designed to bring together individuals passionate about fun, music, and socializing.

In her announcement, Yeye Davies shared her enthusiasm for this new project, stating, “After a series of deliberations, I have concluded that a gathering of happy people seeking unlimited fun will not be a bad idea. ‘Cocktail of Fun’ is my new baby, and I am also using this moment to inform you about the birth of the monthly event series.

The debut event of “Cocktail of Fun” is set to take place on Wednesday, 31st July, at the exclusive Bite Billionaires Lounge on Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja. This launch event promises an evening filled with top-tier entertainment and invaluable networking opportunities as attendees come together to “meet, merry, and connect.”

Iwalewa Davies Announces New Entertainment Venture “Iwalewa Unlimited” with “Cocktail of Fun”

Iwalewa Unlimited – An Evening of Entertainment and Networking

The first “Cocktail of Fun” event is poised to set a new standard for social gatherings in Lagos. Attendees can look forward to a meticulously curated evening where entertainment meets elegance. As part of the celebration, Iwalewa Davies has carefully selected three of Nigeria’s fastest-rising musicians—Precious Adedoyin, Ola Liberty, and Tunde Stainless—to perform live.

“What is Iwalewa Unlimited without a live band?” Davies remarked. “Trust me, the night is going to be fun-filled.” This statement underscores her commitment to ensuring that each event hosted by Iwalewa Unlimited offers a vibrant and immersive experience.

Iwalewa Unlimited – A Platform for Talented Artists

The monthly event series is not just about social gatherings; it’s a platform designed to spotlight emerging talent. By featuring a diverse array of artists at each event, the platform aims to provide a unique and memorable experience for attendees. This approach ensures that every “Cocktail of Fun” gathering will be distinct, offering something new and exciting for guests each month.

Strong Support from Industry Leaders

The event series is backed by a robust network of supporters, including Otunba Femi Davies, City People Entertainment, MetroNews Media Hub, Freelanews, John Friday Entertainment, Tobi Dash, and Dejaai, among others. Their support highlights the significance of Iwalewa Unlimited in the entertainment landscape and its potential to become a cornerstone of social life in Lagos.

The Vision Behind Iwalewa Unlimited

Iwalewa Davies’ vision for Iwalewa Unlimited extends beyond mere entertainment. She aims to create a community where individuals can relax, enjoy high-quality music, and form meaningful connections. The monthly “Cocktail of Fun” events are designed to be more than just parties; they are intended to be cultural experiences that celebrate music, joy, and the spirit of togetherness.

Davies’ background as a communications professional and serial entrepreneur positions her uniquely to understand and cater to the needs of her audience. Her keen insight into what makes social events successful is evident in the careful planning and execution of “Cocktail of Fun.” By blending entertainment with opportunities for networking, she has crafted an event that appeals to a broad demographic, ensuring widespread appeal and participation.

A Commitment to Excellence

From the selection of the venue to the choice of performers, every aspect of “Cocktail of Fun” has been planned with meticulous attention to detail. The Bite Billionaires Lounge, known for its exclusivity and sophisticated ambiance, is the perfect setting for the debut event. The venue’s reputation for hosting high-profile gatherings complements the vision of Iwalewa Unlimited, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Looking Ahead

As Iwalewa Unlimited prepares for its launch, anticipation is building among Lagos’ socialites and entertainment enthusiasts. The platform’s promise of high-energy, fun-filled events has already generated significant buzz, and the debut event on July 31st is expected to draw a large and diverse crowd.

Looking to the future, Iwalewa Davies plans to expand the reach of Iwalewa Unlimited, with potential events in other major Nigerian cities and beyond. Her goal is to create a national and eventually international community of fun-loving individuals who look forward to the unique experiences offered by “Cocktail of Fun.”

In a city known for its vibrant nightlife and dynamic social scene, Iwalewa Unlimited and its flagship event series, “Cocktail of Fun,” stand out as a fresh and exciting addition. Iwalewa Davies’ innovative vision and commitment to excellence promise to make these events a highlight of the social calendar, bringing people together in celebration of music, fun, and connection.

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