The Senior Pastor of Singles and Married International Outreach, Pastor Chioma Ibezim is not happy with how modern Christians are hoodwinked by their cunning pastors into parting with their monies.


While dishing out a new sermon themed on the topic ‘Giving & Sowing of Seeds In the Church’ via a live broadcast on her Facebook handle, the clergywoman said a lot of pastors clearly used some obsolete quotes in the bible to extort money from their congregants.

Pastor Chioma Ibezim said: “You don’t judge a ministry by the numbers of members they have. That is why it is better to have a number that you can handle properly.
It is very sad that the church which is supposed to be a place of redemption has now become a place of extortion for some men of God who claimed God called them.

“This is the bitter truth that many men of God hate but I will say it because some people are in church suffering while their pastors are busying cruising in and out of the country.
Many pastors have twisted the Bible just to collect more money from their members, especially in the aspect of giving and sowing of seeds. Any church founded by God will be funded by God.

“It is foolishness to sow seeds in the church when your family is dying of hunger. Even the Bible said it that my people suffer for lack of knowledge. If you really know what seed sowing should be, you will not give when you are dying of hunger. No matter how sweet the sermon may sound, please take care of your family first for that is your first institution on Earth.”