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It Was Through Late Murphy Afolabi That Me, Eniola Ajao, Dele Taiwo Entered Canada- Sanyeri



Today is Late Murphy Afolabi’s 8th Day Fidau Prayers and top celebrities stormed the event to say goodbye to him.

During comic actor, Sanyeri’s interview with City People, he said in 2012, he, actress, Eniola Ajao, and Dele Taiwo were able to enter Canada from America with the help of Murphy. He noted that it was through the influence of Murphy that they had a seamless visa process.

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When asked about his impact on the late Murphy Afolabi’s life, he said in life, one might receive help from a particular person but if it’s not in God’s agenda for the other person to reciprocate the help or generosity, then nothing like that will happen. He said the main thing is that one should not bite the finger that fed one(one should not fight with his or her help).

Sanyeri said Murphy is gone and that it could have been anyone, praying that we will all live long.


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