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Imagine Peter Obi Was Announced President-elect, There Would’ve Been Celebration- Yunusa Tanko



Labour Party chieftain, Yunusa Tanko in an interview with Arise , said a lot of Nigerians would’ve been celebrating by now assuming it was Peter Obi who was declared president-elect.

Speaking in the interview, the spokesperson of the Labour Party presidential campaign council, argued that since Bola Tinubu was declared president-elect, everywhere has been gloomy.

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He said those who’ve managed to accept the outcome of the election, only did so due to the fact that they want to make do with what is happening.

He however noted that Nigerians can no longer continue to make do with whatever is thrown at them. He said it is wrong knowing fully well that the masses experienced a lot of challenges during the eight years of this outgoing administration.

Yunusa Tanko said “imagine it was Peter Obi that was announced as president-elect, there would’ve been celebration. People would’ve been drinking water on top of tarmac because, they’ve seen hope, the possibility of a new Nigeria. But, here we are, the reverse case was the announcement, and everybody just take gloom in his house as if nothing has been announced.

“That of course sends a message in large volumes, the Nigerian people are not happy, I can say so. Some people are just trying to make do with the situation that has happened. But, how long can we continue to make do with what happened. We cannot move from point A to point B because, we are still scared, we are not looked at with a lot of respect in the eyes of community of nations”

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