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“I’m Ready To Take Champions League Final Penalty For Real Madrid” – Goalkeeper, Courtois



Real Madrid goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, is positive of victory ahead of the Champions League final match against English Premier league club, Liverpool.

Thibaut Courtous who is poised to defend the goal post on Saturday, May 28 said in an interview that even if the games ends in a nerve-wracking penalty shootout, he is ready to take a penalty.

Courtois also expressed concern about handling the threat Liverpool will present on the day as they prepare for Saturday’s European match at Stade de France.

 “I remember in pre-season with Chelsea against PSG I scored one and in the Community Shield against Arsenal I missed one.

“(Antonio) Conte put me there because he knew I could shoot well, but obviously standing on the spot, in an important moment, is different.

“I wouldn’t be one of the first five (takers), for sure, but maybe after, if you need to shoot, you have to shoot. I don’t fear it. It’s a moment to shine.

“We won one (shootout) against Atletico Madrid in the Super Cup a few years ago when I saved one penalty. This season I have saved three.

“You study ahead. Against Chelsea we had two penalties and you study them, because you can see the similarities. Hopefully it will not come back to that but if it does, I will be ready.”