“I’m Ready to Die,” Toyin Abraham Speaks Out Against Cyberbullying

“These people were paid money to bully me, to ruin my life and career,” she accused her detractors.

Toyin insisted that she has done nothing to deserve such treatment. “I have not committed any crime. The only crime I have committed is exercising my right,” she declared.

Switching to Yoruba, she proclaimed, “I’m no longer afraid.”

She continued, “My fear is gone. I am ready to die, you guys have pushed me.”

Toyin Abraham vowed to hold her bullies accountable before taking any drastic steps.

“But before I die, I will make sure that everybody that bullied me, everybody that defamed me,” she asserted, adding in Yoruba, “mi o ni gba,” meaning “I won’t take it.”

The mother of one reiterated her innocence, stating, “I did not do anything. Nobody called me out to say I did anything.

“I have been nice to people, I have been a good citizen. The only crime I committed in my life right now is that I supported another person and you guys wanted me to support another person,” referencing the 2023 presidential election.

Toyin mentioned she had previously apologized for that decision.

In the live video, the actress also addressed the issue involving a netizen who had accused her of arresting his mother.

Toyin said she only reported the alleged troll to the police, and she didn’t initiate any arrest.

In the late hours of Tuesday, a netizen called the actress out on X stating that she had arrested his mother.

Addressing that, Toyin said, “I never arrested your mum. Your friend Ayo was arrested for cyberbullying and cursing and defaming my family, and your mum went there saying she won’t leave without him.”


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