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If Peter Obi Scores 300, They Will Take 3 And Add It To APC’s Score- Samuel Ortom



In a recent exclusive interview with Arise TV, Samuel Ortom, the outgoing governor of Benue state, shared his primary motivation for endorsing Mr. Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, during the previous election.

Governor Ortom expressed his unwavering commitment to the principles of justice and fairness, which guided his decision. He firmly believes that it is essential for the presidential position to be allocated to the southern part of Nigeria.

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During the interview, Governor Ortom emphasized that his support for Mr. Obi stemmed from his strong conviction that regional balance and equitable distribution of power should be upheld in the country’s leadership structure. By endorsing Mr. Obi, he aimed to reinforce the significance of this principle and promote fairness in the political landscape.

Source: Arise TV

Quoting the exact statement released by Samuel Ortom, he said, “If Peter Obi scores 300, they will take 3 and add it to APC’s score.” “I worked for a Southern president because I believe in equity, justice, and fairness. Tinubu is part of it, Mr. Peter Obi is part of it. I chose to work for Obi, but I felt that the presidency should go to that place. I am in PDP, but for the presidency, I worked for Obi. Other colleagues, even in the G-5, worked for Tinubu as agreed. I can be in PDP but work for the interest of this country. If Tinubu is sworn in, I’ll support him to succeed as president of this country.”

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