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If Muslims Are Not Ready For A Female Governor, Binani Won’t Defeat Me In The Primary’ – Hon Namdas



According to the news published by Pumch paper, The All Progressive Congress candidate Aisha Binani lost the race for governor of Adamawa state, and it has been said that the state’s predominantly Muslim populace is not yet ready for a woman to serve as governor. Honourable Abdulrazak Namdas, the chairman of the House Committee on Army and a former candidate for governor of Adamawa, claims that these statements are simply opinions and do not reflect the actual situation. 

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He described how the young woman, Binani, had surprised him and beaten him in the APC primary in Adamawa state. He claimed that it is inaccurate for the widespread perception that Northern Muslims do not want a woman to serve as their governor. He made this claim because Binani won the election handily over him. He added that he got a hint that Binani would win the governorship of Adamawa state from the results of the primary poll. 

He declared, “When I ran for governor, I did so against Binani, and one of the things that made me think I was going to win was that I thought Binani was a woman. She is from Adamawa State in the North, but I didn’t think she had a chance to win because I have also won previous elections. She, therefore, didn’t seem to be an issue of mine.

She outclassed me because I had underestimated her. Realist that I am, I graciously accepted defeat. When the election was taking place, I was sat there. And I am confident that no one tried to skew the outcomes. Binani won’t be able to defeat me in the primary election if the Muslim community is not ready for a female governor. I think she had a chance to win the general elections to defeat me.

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