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“I wouldn’t survive without a man who bought me a house” – BBNaija’s Cindy opens up on relationships



Cindy Okafor, a Nigerian reality TV personality and actress, opened up about her relationship experiences in an interview with Saturday Beats, confidently asserting that she has never been in a position where she couldn’t manage after a breakup.

The former Big Brother Naija 2019 housemate stated that she has never regretted leaving anyone in her life.

Cindy highlighted her strong feeling of independence, stating that the only scenario in which she could struggle to deal after a breakup is if a man purchased a house for her and then opted to quit the relationship.

In her own words;

“Perhaps, if a man buys me a house and he decides to leave me, I might not be able to do without him. There is no way I will say I cannot cope with a man’s exit from my life.”

Cindy provided her opinion on the popular idea that men perform better than women when it comes to gender relations in the entertainment industry.

While she acknowledged that the sector is male-dominated, she strongly rejected the assumption that men are intrinsically superior to women.

“I don’t believe that men do better than women, but it is a male-dominated industry. However, women are breaking grounds in the industry. I think it is just a matter of perception. The women in the entertainment industry are achieving great things,” Cindy added.