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I thought I had found love until the maid, who was sent to me by my friend, entered my life.



I am a 47-year-old married man from Edo State. I have been seeking a maid to assist my wife with domestic work, but the previous candidates I hired were not suitable for the job and were let go within a few months.

One of my friends, who also works with me, promised to send me a well-trained and domesticated maid. He introduced me to a girl who seemed more capable and experienced than the previous hires, especially in cooking. My wife was particularly impressed by her culinary skills. Eventually, my wife informed me that she would be attending a church program in Ibadan and would be away for two days. She left the following day for the event.

On the day my wife left, I returned home from work, and the maid served me food. The aroma and flavor of the meal caught my attention, and I found myself increasingly interested in the maid. After finishing my meal, I called her to my room and, unexpectedly, developed strong feelings for her. Despite my past promiscuous lifestyle, I had never encountered someone like her before. She excelled not only in cooking but also in other aspects of our relationship.

Since that day, I have been unable to resist my growing affection for the maid, believing that I have found true love in her. Unfortunately, my wife has become suspicious of our relationship and has been trying to find excuses to dismiss the girl. However, my love for the maid has prevented me from allowing that to happen.

Deeply infatuated, I sought advice from a spiritualist named Mother Queen Spiritual Home, reachable through phone and WhatsApp at 0812, 093, 4575. The spiritualist assured me that the girl is suitable for marriage but warned me to be prepared for the consequences that would arise from my wife’s discovery. Consequently, I arranged for a separate house within the city to accommodate the maid, as my wife insisted on her dismissal.

My wife believed that by letting go of the maid, our relationship would be restored to normal. Little does she know that I visit the girl almost every day in the flat I rented for her. Now, the maid is pregnant with my child, and I am willing to take the risk, regardless of the consequences my wife may impose upon discovering our continued relationship.

I seek your compassionate advice on how to sustain this forbidden love, as I am deeply and irrevocably in love with the maid.


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