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I Soaked Onion In Warm Water And Drink On Empty Stomach For Three Days,This Is What Happen To Me



Onion water is one of the best natural remedies you would love to try. Apart from cooking, onions have a lot of health benefits that you do not have to worry about using drugs any more. Just follow the instructions and you will be just fine. I tried onion water and all I can say is I am amazed and stunned by the end result. You would be like onions, yes onions miraculously and you would wonder how mere Onion can work wonders. When I found out about onion water and it’s numerous health benefits, I started the challenge and in 3 days I saw a lot of changes in my body, believe me it worked without any side effects whatsoever. Onion is one of the healthiest foods you would ever come across in the globe because it is highly loaded with nutrients, vitamins and fiber good for overall body health.

Onion made my immunity to be more stronger, onions built a wall against some common illnesses and I am grateful for that. Before using onion water, I used to battle with allergies like flu, cold, fever and catarrh, now am free forever as my immunity is stronger.

It helped to grow my nails stronger, longer and faster. I used to battle with brittle nails and I used to keep them short, not until I started using onion water, my nails have never been this stronger and longer but thanks to onion water I can flaunt it in public.


My skin looks younger and wrinkle-free just 3 days after drinking onion water. My wrinkles, fine lines are gone now thanks to onion water. Onions are loaded with collagen which is one anti-aging property that helps the skin to look younger and bring you back to your youth. It is one of the cheap anti-aging remedies you should try, you would definitely see results.


Drinking onion water on empty reduced my tummy fat, I’ve been battling with body fat and tummy fats these days but when I used onion water it reduced the excess fat and my health has never been this better.


It helped my hair to grow more love longer and faster too. If you battle with hair loss or you have alopecia, you should try onion water. It helps alot.


It cured my infection, I was left in shock as how onion water could cure my long time infection. It fights against infections like Staphylococcus Aureus, Esherichia coli (E coli) and Yeast infection. If you have any of these infections use onion water and thank me later or if you have any one who has it kindly share.


Drinking onion water on an empty stomach helped to lower my blood sugar and also fight diabetes.

It strengthen my bone and improve dental health because of the calcium present in onion it helps to strengthen the bone and boost bone density


How I prepare my onion water

We have two ways of preparing onion water: one is the infused method and the other is the hot method.







Honey (optional)

Infused method

Take a whole onion, wash and clean it and slice into a clean bowl, pour some clean water and let it infuse overnight , the add some lemon juice band honey andink in the morning on an empty stomach.

Hot method


Wash your onion, chop and pour into the pot and put on fire. After 3 minutes, bring down from fire and set aside for 5 minutes, add lemon and honey to improve the taste better.H




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