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I haven’t seen a wife, but I insist she must have Masters degree – Veteran actor, Kenneth Aguba



Veteran Nigerian actor, Kenneth Aguba has said that he is yet to find a wife months after he launched a search.

He made headlines earlier in the year after he was spotted living on the streets of Enugu. He was then offered accommodation by founder of Omega Power Ministries, Apostle Chibuor Chinyere.

The cleric vowed to help him find a wife and two young ladies indicated interest but he did not give either of them a chance.

However, he stated recently that he is still searching, adding that his spec must be a woman below 30, who has masters degree.

”I have not seen a wife yet, I am still searching. My spec is a beautiful woman who is tall, fair in complexion, not older than 30 years and a master degree holder,” he said.

In other news, a clergywoman identified as Sommy recently took a swipe at Christian women who announce their virgin status with pride while parading themselves as wife materials.

She said that virginity is not enough for a woman to be classified as a wife material because there are other criterias that matter.

According to Prophetess Sommy, many of the religious ladies who say they are virgins lack good home management skills, have bad character and are arrogant.

She noted how they are sinning when they kiss and smooch men while engaging in immoral acts even as their virginity is intact.

The evangelist further stated that it is only when a lady lives a righteous life as a virgin that she can be called a wife material.

She stressed that any girl who’s a virgin but engages in other immoral acts is just deceiving herself and not as chaste as she thinks.