I dated my choirmaster when I was 10 years old – Singer, Fave

Budding Afropop singer, Chidozie Ugochinyere, better known by her stage name, Fave, has opened up about the time she ‘dated’ her choirmaster.

The ‘Beautifully’ crooner disclosed that she was 10 years old when the said relationship happened. The 24-year-old songstress said it was the children’s choir and the choirmaster was in the same age bracket.

Fave date choirmaster 10

Fave made this known while having an in-house game with colleague Bloody Samaritan and actresses, Susan Pwajok and Genoveva Umeh.

According to her, her childhood boyfriend used to call her during midnight calls and she saw his actions as ”cute”.

The singer said; “He was the choirmaster. It was the children’s choir, so we were all kind of like kids. We would do this midnight thing where he would call, and it was just cute”.

In other news…

Promising Nigerian actress and content creator, Aluko Gold, also known as Diva Gold, has explained why she would not be comfortable with marrying a pastor.

She said that she is someone who likes engaging in naughty acts with her lover and she does not want to spoil a man of God if they settle down.

In her words; I don’t see myself marrying an actor or an entertainer. Never, because I know what they do. I want a low key life. But wait honestly, I don’t care. I think it will give more leverage for more understanding though.

Let’s be sincere. For my Husband material, I want somebody that is really understanding, loves God more than me, can take care of his family, somebody who would be my best friend, humble, truthful, trustworthy and everything good sha. Also be very good in bed and PDA. I love PDA (Public Display of Affection).

Yes oh, I love PDA. I want him to spank my Bumbum in public. Kiss me, hold me tight. That’s the fun of it. My ex did all that, he spoilt me. That is why I can’t marry a pastor. I can’t. I’m sorry because I will teach him bad things”.

Diva also spoke on her challenges during her early days as an actress and skit-maker, noting that the biggest were filmmakers who demand sex for roles.

She said; “My early days challenges in the Movie industry will be producers and directors asking for sex before movie roles. It’s as bad as just an ordinary Production Manager asking for sex too before linking up with directors, (laughs).

Then for Skit will basically be financial constraints; bringing people on set, welfare , location , camera and all of that can be financially draining. Lastly, it would be low engagement on social media platforms, above all God has been so great to me. I’m the apple of God’s eye.


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