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“I am not s3xually attracted to men at all” Singer Temmie opens up to BBNaija Doyin



Fast raising Nigerian Singer, Temmie Ovwasa has stated that all her life she has never been sexually attracted to any man.

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Temmie Ovwasa revealed this during an interview with Big Brother Naija star, Doyin David.

Doyin had questioned Temmie what she understands as sexually. In response, Temmie said; “I am a lesbian. That means I am not sexually attracted to men at all. I have never felt sexual attraction for any man at all. I don’t know what it feels like.”

The YBNL star added that she is very had frequently attended deliverance sessions to fight her gay tendencies but to no avail.

“Being gay is inherent, It is something that you are. You don’t change it. I have gone for more deliverance sessions than I can count, before I was 18.

So I know that this is not possible to change it, You can suppress your sexuality and lie to yourself and make yourself just adapt. Everybody had a phase where they did that before coming out of the closet.”

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