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“How my colleague’s wife caught him cheating and cooked Afang soup for him with love letters” – Tina Mba (Video)



Veteran movie star, Tina Mba has recounted how a colleague’s wife reacted in an usual way after she caught him cheating.

The actress was addressing the topic revolving around movie stars and the infidelity that exists in their marriages while speaking in an interview ‘My View’.

Veteran Nollywood actress, Tina Mba. Photo Source: Google.

She revealed that one of her colleague who was cheating was caught by his wife but she didn’t make any fuss about the issue.

Rather, she had called him and told him that she had made him Afang soup and followed it with love letters.

Tina Mba said that the act righted the man’s senses and without being told, he began deleting all the contacts of his various side chics.

She said;

“I know an actor who will tell you, my wife is calling me I want to take her call.

The day the wife caught him cheating, she didn’t quarrel with him, she sent him a love letter and said she was going to cook Afang soup for him, and on his own, he started deleting numbers of women”.

Watch the video below;