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“How much can I pay you to get amnesia for my matter?” – Burna Boy asks Daniel Regha



After trying to pay off Nigerian blogs so they can leave him alone, Burna Boy has also asked Twitter critic, Daniel Regha to name his price.

It would be recalled that the Afrobeats singer had gone online to ask Nigerian blogs to name how much to buy their silence.

Burna Boy Daniel Regha
Singer, Burna Boy. Photo Source: Twitter.

He asked for the amount they want in exchange for not writing anything again about him.

However, Daniel Regha had blasted him by reminding him that the blogs made him who he is.

Daniel Regha Burna Boy
Daniel Regha.

Daniel Regha wrote:

“Burna, the Nigerian blogs u are trying to discredit have contributed to ur growth in life; Some news might be wrong but just like fans, u owe ’em a lot of thanks. Many people won’t hear about u, ur wins, or projects if they hadn’t promoted it. Stop acting like u are self-made, many people paved a way for u.”

In response, Burna Boy also asked to know how much can he his silence to completely forget about him.

Oga how much be your money?? Make you sef develop amnesia for my matter. You follow for people wey I dey talk about,’ wrote in response.

See their exchange below: