Teju Babyface stated the incident happened when he was driving his first exotic car roughly 18 years ago. He related how he was chastised by a woman he described as “misguided.”

Speaking to Punch, he shared; “The last I remembered (about being disrespected because of my young looks) was around 2004 when I was cruising my first luxury car and I had a traffic altercation whereupon the misguided lady (with whom I was having the said altercation) shouted from her car that I should go and return my father’s car. I still laugh thinking about it.”

When questioned if he was satisfied with his life achievements, he revealed that he is a man of great ambition.

He added: “Fulfilled? Not even close. Thankful? Absolutely! I have lived a charmed life thus far and the prospects of what is to come excite me even more. I have been very fortunate, and with that realisation comes gratitude to Jehovah,” he said.

“I am a man of very high ambitions. I also know that those ambitions must be submitted to the ‘divine’. In a nutshell, I hope to be worthy of my endowments and the attendant responsibilities,”