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“HIV Is No Longer A Death Sentence” – LGBTQ Activist, Bisi Alimi Declares As He Marks 16yrs Of Living With The Virus



Popular Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi, has taken to social media to open up on how he has been living with HIV for a period of 16 years after been diagnosed with the virus.

Bisi Alimi

In honour of World AIDS Day, the LGBTQ promoter took to his Instagram page to share his story with his many fans and followers as well as encourage other individuals out there who are infected with the virus.

Whiles stating that it is not a death sentence, Bisi Alimi went ahead to disclose that life was tough for him during the first 4 years after he tested positive for the venereal virus due to the stigma and discrimination people meted out to him.

Sharing a picture of himself on a hospital bed, the activist made a lengthy post in which he wrote;

“On this world AIDS day I want to share this again. It’s has been 16yrs I tested positive for HIV. 16yrs I have been living with the virus. The first 4yrs was hard and tough for me, not because of the virus, but because of the stigma and the discrimination and shame.

“I look back at those 16yrs and where I am today and there is no better way to say this; the resilience and support and love of the people that matter has kept me alive, kept loving and kept me inspired.

“If you are living with HIV, please know that it is no more a death sentence and you can actually live positively with HIV.

“Finally, I hope you will acknowledge and appreciate that you are all you have and this life is a gift and what others say or think about you is not your business, but theirs. Happy World AIDS Day”.


Check out his post below: