Heartbroken lady recounts how married man she snatched left her to reconcile with wife

A lady is heartbroken as she recounts how a married man she was dating left her to reconcile with his wife after she lost her pregnancy.

The story of the unknown lady was shared by an X user known as @Elliotcute.

Heartbroken lady.

In the narration, it was gathered that the married man left his wife and two kids to relocate with the lady to Abuja.

Things were rosy between them until she found out that she was pregnant in January this year.

She revealed that at the time, her man assured her that she would leave his former family for her.

However, she slipped in the bathroom and lost the pregnancy, and ever since then, her world began crashing.

Read the full narration below …

“I dated a married man who finally left his wife and 2 kids for me..we relocated to Abuja so his ex wife won’t always bump into us. Our love was real and it was the best time of my life.

This man worships the ground I walk on and I love him in return without a doubt. I never believed in dating married men or even thought of being a second wife(he hasn’t paid my bride price) but because of this man I started dating a married man.

I met him when I was 34 years old when single guys were shaking me loads of shege and breaking my heart every eke market day. I had lots of heart breaks, use and dump by single guys, so when I met this my lover, I decided to give it a try and he treated me like queen I have been begging for.

Earlier this year January, I found out I was pregnant and he assured me that he will leave his wife and two kids for me. I never believed him like my life was just making a lot of sense. I was beginning to see the beauty of being chosen.

Finally in February, he left his family and we relocated to Abuja. His love for me grew and never changed. I was living my best life because I was having a soft life and all I ever wanted.
My lover promised to come see my people soon.

Fast forward to the month of April, I lost my pregnancy. I was in the bathroom having my bath and all of a sudden, I slipped, I was rushed to the hospital and the doctor broke the news to us.. We got discharged from the hospital.

He called my junior brother to come see me. Immediately my brother came, my lover traveled, he left me and my brother and even my brother was scared of my behavior. One month later, we got a knock on the door , it was from the lawyer of the building we rented.

He told my brother and I that the house rent was due.
How I asked? and he replied my lover paid for three months because the real owner of the house would come in next month.
It was an agreement between the lawyer and my lover. I was in shock, I called him but I found out he blocked me.

My brother and I left the house and I was taken to the village. My mom have been taking me to
churches for deliverance. I am getting myself gradually and right now, I heard my lover has reconciled with his wife. I owe his wife an apology for making her husband abandon her.
My life is going down. ????????????????”

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