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“He died in active service” – Man reportedly passes on while cheating on wife



A man has reportedly passed on while in the act of cheating on his wife with his side chick.

The tale was shared on the micro-blogging platform by a Twitter user @Bolanlecole.

"He died in active service" – Man reportedly passes on while cheating on wife According to him, the cheating husband left his wife in bed at 5:30 am to head out to his side chic’s place who’s a Youth Corper.

The tweep reported that the man died while in the act and his wife, who had thought it possible, didn’t believe until she saw his body.

@Bolanlecole wrote:

“A man left his wife on their matrimony bed around 5:30am in the morning to a youth Corper’s house he was having affairs with only to die in active service while performing an extra marital’s duty???? It was a family friend that called the wife and pass the information to her???? the wife didn’t believe until he saw the lifeless body????What a sad day.”