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Hamas-linked CAIR claims police brutality in shooting of machete-wielding Muslim



Cambridge, Massachusetts police shot and killed Sayed Faisal on January 4 of this year. He was reportedly advancing on police with a short sword, or kukri, in his hands.

This is not to be confused with the case of Trevor Bickford, a Muslim convert, who also attacked police with a kukri on New Year’s Eve in Times Square. The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has yet to acknowledge that the Bickford attack even happened.

But for Sayed Faisal, CAIR is out front and center with audio and a chyron. This is probably because the focus of Sayed Faisal’s story will be the police. CAIR will characterize Sayed Faisal’s shooting as police brutality.

We will have to wait for the results of the investigation, but CAIR’s ability to detect police brutality is not very good.

Yassin Mohamed

Here is a video of CAIR trying to understand how the police could shoot Yassin Mohamed for jaywalking and throwing rocks. It was all part of the great white conspiracy. But police car cam video shows Mohammed attacking police just twelve hours prior to his final and fatal police encounter. It ended in a tragedy, but where was his family?

Dolal Idd

CAIR’s Minnesota director, Jaylani Hussein, thought he found another George Floyd when police shot Dolal Idd while he was resisting arrest. Jaylani Hussein claimed that the police body cam video was inconclusive. Actually, it was quite conclusive. One can practically look down the bore of Idd’s gun as he points it at the officer before there is a small explosion of glass through the driver’s side window, when police open fire.

Shukri Ali Said

When a Somali Muslim in Georgia went off her meds, she headed toward a high school while brandishing a knife. Police failed to stop her, and they shot and killed her. It is a tragedy, but once again the question is, where was her family?

Stephon Clark

Stephon Clark was prowling through a neighborhood when homeowners called police. Instead of cooperating with police, Clark ran from them, leading officers on a chase through unlit backyards. When Clark finally stopped running and began advancing towards police with something in his hands, he was shot and killed. Because Clark’s psychotic brother claimed Stephon was Muslim, despite all evidence to the contrary, CAIR was able to glom on to this story and promote itself.

We will have to wait and see how Sayed Faisal’s case turns out. But based on CAIR’s record in championing police brutality cases, Faisal’s death will likely be determined to be the result of another justified police shooting.


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