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“Go back home to your wife” – Lady shuts down married man trying hard to woo, chat causes buzz



A married man’s persistent attempts to woo a lady through a series of text messages were met with an unexpected and comical response.

The conversation, which was leaked on Twitter by user Postsubman, quickly went viral as netizens erupted into laughter over the lady’s witty comeback.

In the leaked chat, the man initiated the conversation by expressing his interest in being with the lady, despite confessing that he was already married.

Undeterred by his marital status, he pursued the conversation, suggesting that he was still keen on exploring a potential relationship with her.

The lady, however, was having none of it and promptly shut him down.

The crux of the conversation revolved around the man’s desire to be with a “hot girl” like the lady.

In the married man’s words;

“I’m married but I want a hot girl like you.”

Unimpressed by his advances, the lady delivered a memorable retort that has since become the stuff of internet legend.

“Go home and boil your wife,” the lady replied.

Twitter users couldn’t contain their amusement at the lady’s hilarious clapback, and the post quickly gained traction, garnering likes, retweets, and comments from amused onlooker.

Netizens Reactions…

@Itz_authority said; “Let him go and boil his wife, nah. Every Man wants to marry that woman who will be a wife and a Mother. But they wanna cheat with that one that looks hot outside. “

@Ladels2 commented; “Kill it, girl you be the bomb.”

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