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Ghanaian pastor divorced by wife for impregnating side chic vows to ban condoms if elected president (Video)



A Ghanaian pastor by the name, Christian Kwabena Andrew, the founder of Life Assembly Worship Center, has declared his intention to ban condoms if he becomes president.

The cleric who is running for presidency under Ghana Union Movement Party said this while speaking in an interview on Dawdne TV.

In the video, he opined that the use of condoms is useless since diseases contracted can be treated in hospitals. He added that wearing it would only defeat the purpose of intimacy.

Amused by this, the host asked if he would ban the importation of condoms if elected president while also informing him that there’s no cure for HIV/AIDS.

The pastor had gone viral after he revealed, while preaching, that his wife had left him after he fathered a child with another woman.

Reports have also revealed that his wife who told her side of the story disclosed that he’s a hardcase lecher who beds every woman that comes his way, including his church members.

Watch the video below;