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Germany: Muslims beat up man for talking about Islam in restaurant, say he had no right to do so



It was a private conversation, but they overheard. Celebrate diversity!

“Men beat up man from Bremen: the reason is said to have been homophobia,” translated from “Männer verprügeln Bremer: Grund soll Schwulenhass gewesen sein,” Buten un Binnen, May 23, 2022 (thanks to Medforth):

Two men beat up a 31-year-old from Bremen on Sunday afternoon in a restaurant on Rembertiring. According to the police, the victim’s sexual orientation was the trigger for the attack.

The 31-year-old is said to have talked about religion with a friend of the same age and a 28-year-old girlfriend in a fast-food restaurant on Rembertiring. Two men at the next table overheard the conversation. They are said to have yelled at the 31-year-old that as a gay man he had no right to talk about Islam. The men then hit the 31-year-old and fled the restaurant. He was taken to the hospital for outpatient treatment.

The victim contradicted buten un binnen this representation. He is neither gay nor had he talked about Islam. When questioned, the police stated that their press release was based on the 31-year-old’s statements and that witnesses had confirmed the course of events.

The police describe the attackers as follows: They are about 18 years old, black-haired and about 1.70 meters tall. They wore dark T-shirts, one wore a cap. State security is investigating because homophobic crimes are hate crimes. The permanent criminal service takes tips from witnesses.