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Ga Traditional Task Force Invade Abeka Pentecost Church; Switches Off Their Mic Over Noisemaking



The Pentecost Churches of Abeka and Odorkor, as well as the Darkuman LightHouse Chapel in Accra, were invaded by the task force of the Ga Traditional Council and their instruments were confiscated for supposedly violating the rules of the noise ordinance.

Loudspeakers, drumming, musical instruments, and clapping are all prohibited for one month.

The ban on noisemaking is an important event held before the Ga people’s annual Homowo festival.

According to traditions and tradition keepers, the Ga state fasts and prays for rain, a plentiful crop, and good news during this season.

A video shows the moment a church service was rudely interrupted by members of the Ga Traditional Council task force who switched off the microphones of the church and seized their public address systems throwing confusion in the auditorium.

Watch the video below;

In other news, embattled Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi has said that she is never going back to her estranged husband, Justin Dean following their break-up.

Justin Dean and Korra Obidi have been dragging each other in the mud, spilling their secrets to the public after their marriage crashed and they are headed for a divorce.

Whilst Justin Dean accuses Korra Obidi of cheating on him whilst married to him and being a liar, Korra Obidi on the hand-labeled Justin Dean an abusive husband and also had an affair with a teenager whilst they were married.

In this video, Korra was having a conversation with her fans on Instagram live and a fan advised her to reconcile with her husband and live with him again but she declared that will never happen.