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Fuel Subsidy: Tinubu Has Made A Wise Decision – Fayose



A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ayodele Fayose on Wednesday reacted to the removal of the fuel subsidy by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu‘s administration.

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Recall that the President stated during his inaugural address that the country could no longer maintain subsidies because they were not provided for by the previous administration.

according to a news outlet in Nigeria Fayose responded to the news by asserting in a series of Tweets that Tinubu had made the right choice for the welfare of the nation as a whole.

He pleaded with the populace to endure the suffering that the subsidy’s absence has brought, stressing that things would get better in due course.

However, he urged the President to take action against oil marketers who were milking the situation to make life difficult for Nigerians and to punish those who were stockpiling fuel.

Fayose wrote, “I am certain that President Tinubu has taken the greatest and the wisest decision for the collective interest of Nigeria and its people on this withdrawal of fuel subsidy. He never lied when he said he would get rid of the subsidy.

Most significantly, the previous administration technically eliminated fuel subsidies by failing to include them in the budget until 2023.

I beg Nigerians to put up with the government for the time being because things would get better eventually.

“The wisest course of action is to end the fuel subsidy, and it must be done permanently.

“Unfortunately, the oil business has only benefited a small number of people under the subsidy regime; Nigeria must end this cycle once and for all.

Without a certain, President Tinubu is not a money-making magician. He can only finish what he has begun by strategically repositioning the nation using his knowledge and intelligence.

“Many governments have come and given lip service to all these challenges; now it’s time to sustain our nation by making choices that could be considered harsh but can put it back on the path of progress.

“The NLC and all interested parties, especially common Nigerians, should understand that the previous administration caused more harm than good and that the incoming administration can only be working to stabilize the nation.

“Unfortunately, the petroleum marketers are simply interested in generating money for themselves, like typical Nigerians who are constantly looking to take advantage of any opportunity, and I think the government should come down hard on them this time. Anyone detected among them stockpiling fuel or selling at an outrageous price needs to be dealt with.

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