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France: Muslim migrant screams ‘I declare war on you, all this will be judged before Allah’



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“Reinforced security at the Nantes School of Architecture after a hateful and threatening email,” translated from “Sécurité renforcée à l’école d’architecture de Nantes après un mail haineux et menaçant,” by Céline Loizeau, France Bleu, January 16, 2023 (thanks to Medforth):

It is a message of threats full of anger which was sent this Sunday morning to the teachers and students of the school of architecture of Nantes. The sender is a former student according to Ensa. School security has been tightened.

“I declare war on you, and yes, I will be hostile to you (…) I will be your worst enemy.” This is what we can read from the first lines of this email sent this Sunday morning to the mailboxes of students, teachers, speakers from Ensa, the Nantes National School of Architecture.

Hundreds and hundreds of people. The author is a “former student” according to an electronic message sent by the management shortly afterwards and which France Bleu Loire Océan was also able to consult.

In his long message, this student, originally from Africa, says he is addressing the French community in particular. He evokes the colonial past of France, “the colonizer, the persecutor, unscrupulous people, who killed, plundered Africa (…) you began to humiliate my ancestors and today me.” It is also about “dirty white s**t,” asking for repentance and that “all this will be judged before Allah, the lord of the universe.”

Asked, the management of the establishment let it be known that it “will not produce any comment on this event.” She addressed her students twice this Sunday via an email and specified in one of her emails that she had approached “police and judicial authorities in order to file a complaint on behalf of the school.” This Monday morning, at the start of classes, according to several students, police were present near the site. In addition, from now on, students must present their badge to access the premises.

Some reactions from students receiving the email

Several students claim to have been surprised by this message. “The first reaction is fear and then we wonder why, but the school quickly took matters in hand, we are reassured,” says a student. Her friend says she is worried about the sender of the email: “What could have happened to arrive at this kind of message. It’s a desperate message,” continues this student, who specifies that she is from East Africa and have never been a victim of racism within Ensa.

Marie regrets that the school did not take advantage of this event to “open the debate on racism, because it is there, in general in our society.” Nowé, she says that in class this Monday morning, it was reminded that there was an association within the school to bring up any discrimination suffered or observed.