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“For this life, get money” – Netizens grin with envy as proud dad lets his daughter choose a car for her 16th birthday (Video)



A happy father has made a bold decision by allowing his beautiful daughter to choose a car from a list of options as her 16th birthday present.

In a recently uploaded video that has garnered significant attention on social media, a variety of stunning cars were showcased.

Father lets his daughter choose a car for her 16th birthday

A few ladies stood behind the cars, holding placards with various inscriptions, one of which read, ‘Which one is your choice?’

The young lady, whose face was later revealed in the video, carefully examined the cars before eventually selecting one.

She then approached the man believed to be her father and embraced him warmly.

The actions of the man and his daughter in the video have captured the interest of viewers, leading many to share their thoughts in the comments section.

One concerned individual who left a comment mentioned the importance of financial stability in life.

Here are some of the reactions below: 

@akachukwuu_: “For this life, get money.” 

@gmctmofc: “I will never be poor in my life.”

@OyinsCollins: “Nigeria parents left the group chat.”

@snowice04: “Akon should come and learn and stop his broke ass from telling us to be stingy if we want to be rich.”

@Dabrizee: “That’s where spare the rod and spoil the child comes in.”