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Five Signs Your Body Desperately Need A Detox



Being the largest organ of the body, the skin serves many functions and one of them is indicating that you need a detox.

At one point, we have all had too much of something especially when it comes to diet. You might have had too much dairy, too much protein or even too much junk food. All these things get absorbed into the body and when it becomes too much, it starts to manifest on the skin in form of different conditions.
When you start to notice different irregularities, it’s a signs that you really need to recap on what you have been consuming lately. Here are some of the ways your skin could be telling you it’s time for a detox, ASAP!

i. Dry skin: 
If you have experienced dry skin before, you know that it’s not fun at all. Even after you continue to oil your skin, it might still look patchy and pale because the problem is on the inside. Some of the culprits that can dry out your skin are too much alcohol, a high sodium intake and not drinking enough water. Detox by drinking more water to flush the system and cut down on foods and drinks that dehydrate your body.

ii. Premature ageing: Ageing is a natural process that we all have to go through. However, none of us would like to show signs of ageing prematurely. This comes in the form of forehead wrinkles or even eye creases. You shouldn’t look old when you are still young and vibrant. Cut down on eating too much sugar, smoking and even alcohol. Practicing moderation or cutting off these things early enough will really help your skin recover.

iii. Rashes: 
Sometimes your skin tells you that you need an emotional detox. When you are constantly stressed and on edge, your skin can be triggered, causing rashes to appear. Detoxing emotionally and managing stress levels is just as important as maintaining a good and healthy diet. These types of stress breakouts easily occur even when you’re eating right and exercising daily.

iv. Acne breakouts: Acne is primarily caused by hormones in the body. At the same time, certain factors can trigger a breakout which is stressful to deal with. Consuming too much junk food that is packed with refined sugars and grease could affect your skin. Too much dairy is also known to trigger breakouts. Having a healthy, balanced diet is not only good for your overall health but also for your skin.
v. Under eye circles and bags: Eyes usually tell a lot. When you haven’t been sleeping well or have been spending too much time on the computer, the effects start to show around the eyes. Your diet also has a part to play. If you have been consuming a lot of alcohol, caffeine and other things that dehydrate your body, you are likely to develop dark under eye circles and eye bags. Instead of going to many lengths to conceal these with makeup, cut down on coffee and alcohol by replacing them with more hydrating options.
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