FG Warned To Resolve Minimum Wage Now To Avert Violent Protest

FG Warned To Resolve Minimum Wage Now To Avert Violent Protest—-The Centre for Crisis Communication (CCC) has issued a stern warning to the Nigerian government, urging immediate action to resolve the ongoing minimum wage negotiations with organized labour.


This call comes amid concerns of potential unrest similar to recent events in Kenya.


During a press briefing on Monday, Maj.-Gen. Christopher Olukolade (Rtd), Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the CCC, emphasized the critical need for the government to engage constructively with labour representatives to prevent the escalation of the minimum wage issue into violence.

The CCC, which monitors and analyzes national crisis situations, has identified the prolonged minimum wage discussions as a trigger that could lead to public disorder if not addressed promptly.

In addition to the minimum wage dispute, Olukolade highlighted other volatile issues requiring government intervention, including the Kano emirship tussle and the ongoing political crisis in Rivers State.

The CCC advises that these matters be permanently resolved to prevent them from deteriorating into major crises.

Olukolade called on both federal and state governments, along with the organized private sector, to take urgent steps towards a consensus on the minimum wage.

He stressed that resolving these issues is not only crucial for maintaining public order but also for ensuring the economic stability and well-being of millions of Nigerian workers.

The CCC’s recommendations come in the wake of violent protests in other countries, which were sparked by similar grievances over economic and governance issues.

The Centre believes that proactive measures and dialogue are key to averting such outcomes in Nigeria.

The retired senior military officer said, “We have identified potentially violent or volatile developments in the country which we believe could spark off unnecessary crises with far-reaching consequences to our national security if they are not well-managed.

“That’s why I want to identify the ones we can pick on, among many others.” 

He stated, “First in that list is the yet-to-be-resolved minimum wage issue that has pitched the labour movement against the federal government. We do not subscribe to the idea of sweeping this issue under the carpet.

“We, therefore, want to unequivocally call on the government and the organised private sector to summon the required courage to take the decision on this matter, and to meet and resolve it once and for all, rather than to constantly postpone the resolution of this issue.

“So, the time to conclude the negotiation that has lasted so long is now, and the earlier it is done, the better. So we strongly suggest that it should be completed. Let’s take a decision on the nation’s minimum wage as it matters.”

Speaking on the continued violent development in Kenya, Olukolade said the centre also expressed concerns over the antics of those calling for the re-enactment of the anti-tax crisis happening in the country.

He said, “Those who believe that such destructive protests in Nigeria will be a way to resolving a crisis are rather calling for what is not consistent with our future and desire for a peaceful and progressive nation.

“So, we want to caution against such tendencies and advise that the development in Kenya in relation to their protests on tax is not a model for us to adopt in resolving our issues in a democracy and that the situation in Nigeria can be better managed with good consensus, discussions, and the necessary consultations.

“In other words, we are strongly against the idea of making reference to the Kenya-Nigeria civil model. The outcome of the protests is still fresh in our minds and it’s not a thing to re-enact by any other means.”

He said the political feud in Rivers State has tendencies towards crisis and hence, calling on the parties to act in the general interest of the people.

The communications expert said, “We are using this opportunity to call on those involved to sheath the sword and relate, and when they relate, we believe that this could be solved, and there’s no need to plunge that state into crisis.

“We don’t want to see a ripple effect of whatever is going on in terms of the altercations at the moment.”

He added that the emirship tussle in Kano had a huge potential for volatility.

“We do not want it to slide into trouble by reason of the Emirship tussle. We cannot combine that with what’s going on in Rivers State. Nigeria’s unity and corporate existence is more important to us than any achievement through fake news and unnecessary sentiments,” he stated.


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