“Father of the year” – Dad obediently gives himself up to be used by daughter as mannequin to stretch her wig

In a heartwarming video, a Nigerian father sits calmly as his young daughter uses him as human mannequin to stretch her wig.

The young lady didn’t have a mannequin on which to place her wig and commence stretching it.

Lady dad mannequin wig
Lady stretching hair.

She made her supportive father sit down with the wig on his hair.

In the video she shared which has now gone viral, the man sat calmly with hands knotted together on his lap while the girl went about her business of making the hair on his head straight.

The video has garnered reactions online as many praised her dad’s personality.

@enefridayjames said: “Best daddy of the year”

@Bosszara5 reacted: “Awww my papa no wan see wig for your head sef ???????? as long as he no give you money take buy that thing he no wan see am for him house”

@The_spa_essentials_shop said: “The way he sat calmly????????❤️”

@enorbunny remarked: “Why u Dey do like ds????????hw u take make am sit down quietly?????????????”

@Only_One Ariel????❤️ expressed: “wish mine was still alive he would have done same always playful ????”

Watch video below …


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