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‘Fat Is Not A Disability’ – Monalisa Stephen Encourages Fat People Not to Look Down On Themselves



Monalisa Stephen has taken to social media and advised fat people not to look down on themselves because being fat is not a disability.

According to the plus-sized Nollywood actress who is determined to stop anti-shaming antics on social media, fat people shouldn’t think anyone is doing them a favor by dating them because they are worth every love just like slim people.

The 28 years actress who is from Abia State added that they deserve every love from men and never to think any man is doing them a favor rather if dating them because fat isn’t a disability.

Many fat people are mostly looked down upon in society, and some even get into depression because of that, and actress Monalisa Stephen who said she loves her looks and is unconcerned about body shaming, has advised not to look down on themselves because they are worth every love.

Taking to her official Instagram handle, she shared a photo of herself and wrote;

You’re Worthy of Love.
Don’t Ever Think Anyone is doing You a Favor by Loving and Dating You .
FAT is not a Disability ☑️

See the screenshot below;