FACT CHECK: Is There Flood On Third Mainland Bridge? [VIDEOS]

FACT CHECK: Is There Flood On Third Mainland Bridge? [VIDEOS]—–The question many Lagos residents are asking at the moment is whether there is truly a flood on the Third Mainland Bridge.


TGM reports that there are claims on social media that the Third Mainland Bridge (3MB) is flooded.


The claims follow the heavy downpour in Lagos on Wednesday morning.


“The flood on third mainland bridge man! I’m going to be late for this meeting,” one Diji The Great wrote on X.


Another X user, Iyameto Adanna Habiba, queried the claims, asking, “Are you people really saying 3MB is flooded? As in our third mainland bridge gangan? Y’all send proof, mbok!”

Another shocked person, Rae, wrote, “There is flood on third mainland bridge???? Huh????”

So, Is Third Mainland Bridge Truly Flooded?

No, the 3MB, which connects the Lagos Mainland and Island is not flooded.

Instead, Iyana-Oworo, Olopo Meji area, which connects Lagos Mainland to the 3MB is completely flooded as multiple footages show.

The flood has caused long traffic that extends to Alapere.

The situation has spurred warnings for motorists going to Lagos Island from the Mainland to the 3MB.

“If your route this morning is mainland to island via 3MB, just forget it. Turn back home or reroute,” Moe, an X user wrote.

“I just passed by on the opposite side and the beginning of Third Mainland (iyana woro?) is car door height flooded.

“I’ve never seen that on the bridge before.”

The Federal Government reopened the 3MB in April after several weeks of rehabilitation work.

Verdict: No, there is no flood on the Third Mainland Bridge. Claims to the contrary are exaggerated as only the route leading to the bridge is flooded.


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