FACT CHECK: Hon. Abejide Leke’s Clarification on Alleged Claims About Lawmakers’ Earnings

A video circulating on social media has sparked controversy, claiming that Hon. Abejide Leke, the lawmaker representing Yagba Federal Constituency, disclosed the earnings of lawmakers. However, a fact check reveals that the video was distorted to spread misinformation.

In the original video, Hon. Leke was actually raising a point of order on privilege in response to claims made by Adeola Fayekun, a social media commentator. The lawmaker expressed concern that his privilege had been breached and brought the attention of his colleagues to the false information being circulated about his earnings.

Leke highlighted that Adeola, who resides in the United Kingdom, has been consistently misinforming Nigerians, particularly his constituents, about the activities in the National Assembly. He urged the House leadership to take appropriate action against Adeola for instigating the public with false information.

It is important to verify information before drawing conclusions based on distorted videos. Hon. Leke’s statement was not about disclosing lawmakers’ earnings but rather addressing the spread of false claims by a social media commentator.


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