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Don’t Waste Money To Buy Gas: See How To Make Your Solar Cooker With an Old Satellite Dish (Photos)



Are you Bored For Spending too much on Gas Cooked? Don’t worry Here are Some Simple Steps to Make your Own Solar Dish Cooker Using ordinary old dish panels.

Sunlight based cooker will be valuable for people in both rural

and metropolitan territories and furthermore for little foundations like restaurants, cafés and so on. The sun powered cooker has an opening measurement of 1.4 meter and a central length of 0.28 meter.

Stage 1: Materials You Will Need 

— an old satellite dish (ideally around 20 crawls in width)

— coat holders

— clean metal stick (some utilized copper plated welding bar)

— the sun

— any plastic

— a glue

— 1/8” drill bit

Stage 2: Prepping the Dish 

— it’s essential to start by cleaning the dish altogether with a wire brush or low coarseness sanding paper will make a decent showing and roughen the surface for stick

Stage 3: Laying Out the Pattern 

Spot the dish on a bit of the paper and follow out the perimeter slice along this line to make the example

Stage 4: Fold Pattern Into Sixteenths

cautiously mark with a sharpie the crease lines and cut along these numbering the fragments around the satellite clockwise

Stage 5: Transferring to the Mylar 

Wearing cotton gloves move the newsprint example to the Mylar utilizing an exceptionally sharp X-Acto blade.

— Be mindful so as not to smirch your sleek fingers on the plastic

— Be mindful so as not to tear the plastic when cutting its solid however now and then has its very own psyche

Stage 6: Gluing

Each in turn apply paste to the rear of Mylar be mindful so as not to sully the good side!!


— work with two individuals

— you have a holding hand and a hand to streamline the Mylar

— attempt to work quick and pre-splash the dish

Stage 7: The Hot dog Supports 

drill two gaps on each side of the dish’s edge

at that point utilizing the coat holders make to V-molded backings with circle of wire in the point (this will hold the stick)

this wire backing will modify cooking speed by the vicinity of the sausage to the point of convergence of the dish

— REMEMBER all dishes have distinctive central focuses in spite of the fact that they will be in general associate with 13-14 crawls from the focal point of the dish!!

Stage 8: Fired It Up 

stick your dinner on a sterile metal pot setting it between the wire circles and cook away

Make certain to wear defensive eyewear when cooking as mirrored light is exceptionally brilliant.




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