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“Do the needful before I lose it” – Alesh Sanni cries out as he threatens scammer



Nollywood actor and internet personality, Alesh Sanni has once again threatened a lady posing as his friend and scamming people.

Recall that the actor placed a bid of N500k on the lady while sharing photos of her on Instagram.

Alesh Sanni

He also revealed she has been scamming a lot of people, promising to take them to the UK.

She has been presenting herself as his friend and using his photos as her display picture (DP).

Alesh Sanni, who was obviously upset, claimed that he had contacted the woman and asked her to reimburse her victims but she had refused.

Alesh Sanni scammer

Since the woman appears to be unwilling to comply with his rules, the actor has openly threatened her on his Instagram page.

He bemoaned the fact that, in spite of the country’s hardships, individuals continue to con one another.

He advised her not to let him lose patience, pointing out that he had waited long enough to make amends with her.

He wrote: “I see no reason why we should keep scamming one another despite the hardship in the country ….

“Funmi YETUNDE, I warned you a few days ago yet you have refused to comply, well I have waited enough pls kindly do the the needful before I lose it”.