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DJ Neptune Calls Out Ugandan Singer Who Allegedly Conspired With The Police To Arrest Omah Lay And Tems



DJ Neptune has taken to social media to call out the Ugandan singer who allegedly conspired with the police to arrest Omah Lay and Tems after their performance.

Omah Lay and Tems were arrested on December 14 and detained by the Police in Uganda for violating the country’s COVID-19 restrictions after some local artists complained to the police to arrest them for performing during the pandemic season.

DJ Neptune commenting on a post of a social media user, also called out the artist, asking him whether it’s true he got involved with the arrest of Omah Lay and Tems in his country.

According to Imohiosen Patrick, professionally Known as DJ Neptune, Nigerians treated the Ugandan artist who reported Omah Lay and Tems to the Police very nicely when he was there last year to perform, therefore what is the problem that he had to conspire with the police to arrest their artists who were there to perform?

Check out the screenshots below;