Comedian, I Go Save’s daughter requests DNA test, claims they don’t look alike

Nigerian comedian, I Go Save in big trouble as his daughter requests for a DNA test after insisting they share no resemblance.

The young girl made it clear in a short video that he would be taking a DNA test for her to ascertain if he was really her father or not.

Sharing some of his physical characteristics, she listed many ways in which they bear no resemblance.

She explained that she didn’t have a beard or a mustache like him, also making sure to emphasize her lack of a bald head compared to him.

Popular Nigerian comedian, I Go Save.

After listing some other traits, she insisted a DNA must be done, stating that he must be the one to carry out the financial cost of the test.

Some reactions to the video here

zarasinglezee1 noted: “The funny thing is she is saying all these while looking like her father’s twin. ????????????????❤️”

cirok_eric claimed: “This time around na children dey suspect papa ????????”

yoh_sam20 warned: “We need to stop promoting dna thing a lot of marriage has scattered with this dna thing the only thing to do is to do dna no go dey raise person pikin for 10 years ooo ????????????”

knownsokeys commented: “She even funny like him ????. Her end speech signature Mad ????… clear the house ????????????????

hermothersdaughta advised: “Baby girl grow up and use your money for DNA. Asking for DNA when you look like your daddy twins????. Daddy self won’t try wasting his money. E rather use the money chop isiewu”

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