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Colorado: Judge throws roadblock in the way of prosecutors trying to put Muslim mass murderer on trial



Virtually nothing came out about Al-Issa (which is how he spells his name, not “Alissa,” a transparent media attempt to obscure his Islamic identity) after the shooting. His attack fits the pattern of numerous jihad attacks, and corresponds to calls from the Islamic State to attack random non-Muslims in the U.S. Also, numerous obvious jihadis have been declared mentally ill by clueless or compromised authorities. Is this another case of the whitewashing of a jihad massacre? We will likely never know for sure.

The best explanation for why Al-Issa stripped to his underwear, meanwhile, is that he was expecting to meet the 72 virgins. Islam’s paradise is physical, and the martyr’s body is not to be washed before burial, because the blood is an aphrodisiac to the virgins. Mohamed Atta, the 9/11 hijacker, had a tuxedo in his luggage that he apparently planned to change into before he crashed his plane, so that he would be decked out to meet the virgins (his plan was foiled when his luggage was flagged, but he wasn’t). Have authorities looked into this possibility regarding Al Issa? Of course not. That would be “Islamophobic.”

“How a new order could be a temporary roadblock in the Boulder King Soopers shooting case,” by Jeff Anastasio, Denver7, March 15, 2023:

DENVER — As the 2-year-mark approaches and with a remembrance ceremony planned, the man charged with killing 10 people at Boulder’s King Soopers supermarket still remains mentally incompetent to stand trial.

A new order from the judge regarding the defendant’s competency could serve as a temporary roadblock for prosecutors.

Suspect Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 23, has been deemed mentally incompetent several times and in December 2021 he was sent to the state mental hospital for treatment.

Denver7 reporter and attorney Jessica Crawford explains in the latest clash between prosecutors and the defense, the state has asked to bring in their own expert to do a psychological evaluation on the suspect.

Crawford explains, competency involves being able to understand the proceeding and play a role in one’s own defense. Prosecutors suspect he may be purposely delaying trial but the court ruled that only the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo can evaluate and treat the suspect.

A court filing revealed lawyers for the suspect found he was “approaching catatonia” before being moved to the state hospital and suffered from schizophrenia. Lawyers said he suffers symptoms resistant to medication….

In the latest back and forth, the judge told prosecutors they can ask for a restoration hearing and in that hearing the court will decide whether or not competency has been restored and if the defendant can proceed to trial….


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