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Classy: Fake Girl Defeats, Mocks Real Girls at Track Meet



New in PJ Media:

The first thing you need to know about Chloe Barnes is that he is a boy. But he knows the quick path to fame and fortune in today’s Age of Absurdity, and so he claims to be a girl. While Chloe might have been a mediocre male athlete, he is now a champion female one. He towers over his teammates on the Brookline High girls’ indoor track and field team, and with Chloe leading the way, they’ve just won the Massachusetts High School State Finals.

Chloe is hardly magnanimous in victory. His message to those who might still have the temerity to regard his presence on what is supposed to be the girls’ team as an affront to genuine women, as well as to fairness, decency, and common sense? Defiance and contempt: “Deal with it,” Chloe taunted the losers of the culture war. “Just deal with it.”

The winsome and demure Chloe, according to a Tuesday Breitbart report, “joined the team this season as a varsity runner. He helped the school win the 4×200 meter relay (with a time of 1:50.43) at the Massachusetts State Track Coaches Association Northeast Invitational on January 14 this year.” He had no trouble whatsoever with his competition, which was made up of actual girls, and Chloe seemed to revel in how easy it all was. The Breitbart report adds that “a video of the race shows Barnes easily running far ahead of the natural-born girls he is competing against, allowing his teammates to stay safely in the lead for the race.”

His physical superiority over his competitors was so overwhelming, and Chloe so apparently lacking in any kind of graciousness, that he teased the other runners in the middle of the meet: he “can even be seen slowing down at least twice and looking behind at the female runners he was leaving in the dust.” Yet even with Chloe slowing down, the real girls couldn’t catch up to him and likely went home thinking about what a sweet guy he was and how magnanimous in victory.

Chloe Barnes’ presence on the girls’ team represents a deepening of the general understanding of the extent to which we must all coddle this insanity. Back in June 2022, the Brookline High newspaper, The Cypress, reported that at that time, Chloe competed “alongside the boys track and field team.” The paper helpfully explained that this was due to the fact that Chloe “wasn’t assigned female at birth.”

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