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China deepening economic and police cooperation in Pacific Islands, WEF leader touts China as a ‘role model’



The troublesome truth about China is its virtually uncontested rapid global expansion via its debt diplomacy through its infamous Belt and Road Initiative. This latest news about the People’s Republic of China’s expansion into Pacific Island nations is about far more than economics.

China has also established dozens of police stations around the world, including in the EU. Three are in Toronto. The Chinese Communist Party is in the process of aggressive infiltration, and it is being encouraged by World Economic Forum leader Klaus Shwab, who sees China as a global role model:

Note that there isn’t a global outcry, despite leaders putting on a show for their citizenry, when expedient, to give the impression that they care about China’s expansion. A remarkable discrepancy exists between the values stated by Schwab (and accepted by globalist Western leaders) and the values of citizens of Western states. Western citizens are generally opposed to China’s communism and human rights abuses. All along, the Left has been accusing the Right of perpetuating global “conspiracy theories” while globalists move insidiously toward one world government, yet each of those so-called “conspiracy theories” are rapidly coming true. The West is declining and losing its freedom.

“China holds talks with officials from Pacific Island nations over policing”, by Sayan Ghosh, WION, November 24, 2022:

China held a video meeting with representatives from various Pacific Island nations regarding police cooperation on Tuesday, Xinhua reported. According to Chinese state media, Minister for Public Security Wang Xiaohong chaired the meeting, and it was co-chaired by Solomon Islands Minister of Police Anthony Veke. The meeting was reportedly attended by representatives from Fiji, Kiribati, Tonga, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. While the Minister of Police and Commissioner of Police in Tongo did not comment, the country did confirm that there was another representative present.

China have made a number of efforts to strengthen their position in the region with the first security pact being signed with Solomon Islands. They are also trying to sign trade and security deals with nine other nations in the region and that has sparked concerns in Australia and the United States.

China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters in the aftermath of the meeting that it was attended by superintendents, deputy superintendents and acting commissioners of police.

“Representatives of the participating island countries expressed their hope to deepen police and law enforcement cooperation with China to promote security, development and prosperity in the region,” he told a regular briefing in Beijing according to Reuters.

In the last few months, the US have already tried to counter China’s growth influence……