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Ceec loses her cool as Ilebaye litters her beauty product after borrowing it (Video)



BBNaija Season 8 housemate, Ceec lashes at her colleague, Ilebaye for using and mismanaging her expensive beauty product after borrowing it.

On Sunday, Ceec lamented after finding out Ilebaye who had borrowed her foundation littered it instead of returning it to where she took it.

While expressing her anger to Venita, Soma, and Adekunle in the saloon, she emphasized how expensive the beauty product was.

She stated keeping her cool and evading confrontation to avoid Ilebaye guilt-tripping her with allegations of being bullied in the house.

“I’m asking her and she’s lying to me, why? Very soon she’ll say you’re bullying her. If I open my mouth and talk she will not recover from it,” she said in part.

Watch the video below …