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Canada: School board in damage control mode after defending trans teacher with football-sized breasts in shop class



Tucker Carlson delivered an important commentary about the notorious teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School of Halton School District in Ontario. Oakville is close to Toronto, bordering Mississauga. The story of the “transgender” individual sporting a long blonde wig, a mini, and breasts the size of footballs with nipples on display has gone around the world. He teaches a shop class where boys are exposed to him on a regular basis.

The school has stood by him, guaranteeing his “rights” as a transgender person. But there’s obviously more to it, since no female teacher would be permitted to be dressed in so vulgar a manner in a high school, not to mention the sheer size of the breasts this individual sports. Tucker calls it out in a commentary that should rattle anyone with concerns about their kids in the public school system. He warned that Canada has become a the vanguard of the woke movement and serves as the “ghost of our Christmas future.” You can watch it here:

Days after Carlson’s commentary came a Rebel News report, after funds were allocated by the school to protect this individual’s rights over the children. Rebel News asked: “Halton Regional Police Service – to serve and protect perverts?” It is also interesting to note that police are never particularly eager to protect conservatives on campuses who face danger from Leftist lunatics, nor to protect Jews from hatefests and incitement by aggressive Palestinian lobbies.

The issue has gone viral on social media and isn’t about to go away.

Now the Halton school board is reviewing its dress code, according to a report by the Toronto Star. But who are they fooling? The board already had a dress code before. See HERE. Amid outrage, the board is clearly trying to do damage control and to appear as if it is actually doing something to assuage the valid concerns of parents, whose rights it has trampled. But the board needs to implement change. It has already proven that it is willing to impose woke indoctrination into its schools, no matter how inappropriate. Now faced with an unprecedented backlash, it is now looking to back off, at least in some form, as any bully does.

But remember, in Canada: “diversity is our strength!”