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Call Child Protective Services: Weeping Ron Klain Calls Biden ‘the Best Father and Role Model I Know’



New in PJ Media:

The outgoing shadow president, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, served up a ghastly example on Wednesday of why it’s bad form to suck up to the boss, even when the boss isn’t really the boss at all, as in the case of Old Joe Biden. With the putative president standing to his right, looking down modestly, Klain tearfully declared: “I learned everything I know about how to be a good father from Joe Biden.” As he continued to blubber away, here Klain gave us a loud sniffle.

Then he continued: “He’s the best father and role model I know. And along the way, he’s taught me a thing or two about politics and policy as well.” On the video, a sign-language performer energetically translated this grotesque display for the hearing-impaired, albeit, disappointingly enough, without any sign for Klain’s massive sniffle.

The “best father and role model I know”? Old Joe Biden? Does Klain only know five people and four of them are in maximum security prisons? Joe Biden, after all, is the father of Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden has just finally admitted that his infamous laptop really is his, and so it’s undeniable: he’s been addicted to crack cocaine, spent thousands of dollars on prostitutes, and worst of all, apparently sold access to his father. The pictures of a skeevy Hunter passed out with a crack pipe in his mouth or feebly smiling with his teeth worn away by years of drug abuse hardly indicate a well-adjusted individual.

This is not the kind of track record that usually leads people to call someone the “best father”; if Old Joe is responsible for the trajectory of Hunter’s life, that could be an even greater wrongdoing than what his handlers have been doing to the country for the last two years. Or does Ron Klain think that Biden is a “good father” because so far he has been able to keep Hunter from any prosecution or even close scrutiny of his highly questionable dealings?

Old Joe likely had a hand in engineering the infamous letter from 51 former intelligence officials that suggested that Hunter’s laptop was “Russian disinformation,” even when at least some of them were well aware that this was not true. If protecting one’s son from legitimate and necessary investigation and likely prosecution by having government officials lie on his behalf is being a good father, then Joe Biden is an excellent father. If the head of a crime family strong-arming people to keep his son away from the long arm of the law makes a good father, Old Joe is a great one.

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