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Burna Boy’s guard embarrasses lady who tried to touch him during Meet-and-Greet



The guard of Burna Boy has caused an online buzz after he embarrassed a lady for trying to touch him during a recent meet-and-greet.

A female fan, identified as @lydialutudi, had asked Nigerian musician Burna Boy to take a picture during a meet and greet.

However, when the security guard for Burna Boy saw her, he immediately took her hand off Burna Boy immediately made an attempt.

Lydia clarified that even though she had requested permission before going to meet the singer, she was shocked that security would take her hand away.

Burna Boy, Nigerian artist, source: Google

Since it was a meet and greet, she said, fans should feel free to interact with their favorite artists.

Many individuals expressed their dissatisfaction with Burna Boy’s security guard’s treatment of the lady.

@iamthesade said, “He didn’t seem bothered by the hand to me.”


@emmanuelchinedu3224 said: “The goat of afrobeat.”Visit Site

@Luciana said: “You wan touch Odogwu like that.”


@Lucy commented: “Nahh fr and I was like I waited for 5 hours and I couldn’t touch him.”

@Not another Justin said, “Shoulda walked off.”

@Tylerzamani reacted: “You’re taking it too far.”

@useray629 said: “You don’t touch celebrities anyhow; he already ordered the security about touching; it’s not his fault; actually, people can be dangerous.”