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Buhari’s 8 Years: ‘Nigerians Deserve Certificates Of Survival’



Ifeyinwa Ifediegwu, a businesswoman and resident of Asaba, Delta State, has said Nigerians deserve certificates of survival for making it all through President Muhamumadu Buhari’s eight years in office.

Daily trust report that, Buhari, who will exit power next week upon the completion of his second term in office, is expected to hand over to President-elect Bola Tinubu.

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In an interview with BusinessDay, Ifediegwu said the outgoing President made things extremely difficult for Nigerians, adding that the cost of foodstuff skyrocketed as a result of border closure and ban on several items.

She said that landlords exploited the circumstance by drastically raising rents.

“The eight years of Muhammadu Buhari’s presidency have taught me a terrifying experience, and I thank God it will end on May 29,” she stated. For my family and I, as well as for all Nigerians who will live to see the end of the Buhari administration, it is a happy survival. May there never be another administration like this in the history of our country!

“Buhari made life for Nigerians very challenging. Many Yahoo-Yahoo and Yahooplus boys were born as a result of his poorly thought-out policies; some are now dead, some are in prison, and some are still alive but dead. Our people’s situation deteriorated as a result of the border restriction, and as a result, they turned to criminality. What happened over the previous few years still breaks my heart.

Daily trust report that, “Food prices increased dramatically as a result of the border closure and the ban on many commodities. According to Buhari, the goal of such a ban and closure was, among other things, to support local producers. He overlooked the fact that Nigerians rely on foreign nations for their technologies. Modern farming equipment is required in order to practise commercial agriculture, and it is not made in Nigeria.

Large-scale farmers struggle to run their operations due to a shortage of equipment and essential farming inputs. Therefore, how could a country achieve food security without producing anything, let alone exporting? No area of the economy was spared, and the goal of the ban and border closure was therefore defeated.

“As a business owner, I personally suffered significant difficulties. Prior to Buhari’s policy, I used to trade in only one product (Ghana Must Go bags) and earn enormous sums of money. To live, I had to start a general merchandise (varieties) business.

“Even landlords took advantage of the unpleasant circumstances to drastically raise their rents. You struggle to pay your mortgage, store rent, school costs, and other expenditures at the same time. Thank God for my business, which keeps my family fed. In fact, we deserve medals of survival for surviving Buhari’s traumatic eight years in government.

“I advise the new president of Nigeria to review all the policies Buhari imposed on Nigerians that do not have a human face.”

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