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Buhari, NASS members don’t deserve severance pay, say analysts



According to some observers, given their record in office, former President Muhammadu Buhari and the members of the Ninth National Assembly are not deserving of a severance package.

Jackson Omenazu, a political analyst, charged that the former president and departing federal lawmakers left the economy of the nation in a worse condition than they found it.

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The Punch previously revealed that the country could spend up to N63.45 billion on severance packages for Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, state governors, and other political appointees who leave office in 2023.

Additionally, it was stated that once they leave office, senators and members of the House of Representatives will split a total of N30.2 billion in severance pay.

Omenazu stated in an interview with Saturday Punch that “You notice that these individuals lack patriotism with the kind of democracy that our political actors have decided to practice. They lack the motivation to make Nigeria function. With the state of the economy, when we are borrowing to pay salaries, how are they able to collect so much? Have they considered those Nigerians who are unable to buy one square meal per day? What kind of legacy are they leaving, given the amount of insecurity? The result is poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment.”

Additionally, such an action by the departing politicians would further impoverish the nation, according to Prof. Makodi Bierrenu-Nnabugwu, Vice President of the Nigeria Political Science Association.

“The implication is that the economy will keep contracting,” he continued. Our economy might not be able to support that for very long. Such behaviors disrupt the economy and cause disarray, disloyalty, and low morale.

He responded, “Who will make the laws, you and I or the people who are awarding those things to themselves? ” when asked if there should be a law to prevent government officials from giving themselves such packages. We are in a challenging situation right now.

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