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“BSc degree, husband, and children bagged” – Lady shares love story with man who paid her fees, proudly flaunts 2 kids (Video)



A Nigerian lady identified as @bigpat_5 on TikTok has shared her remarkable journey of love and gratitude.

Pat’s touching video, featuring her partner, has taken social media by storm.

The viral video showcased the lady standing alongside her partner during their university sign-out day, radiating happiness and gratitude for the incredible journey they had shared.

“I bought him Egg roll and coke in 2018 in the school cafeteria & he paid my four years school fees and we have 2 sons throughout the program,” she wrote.

In 2018, the story began when Pat extended a small gesture of kindness by purchasing an egg roll and coke for her soon-to-be partner in the university cafeteria.

Little did she know that this act of generosity would set the stage for a life-changing relationship.

In a turn of fate, the young man, whose identity remains undisclosed, reciprocated her kindness by generously paying her school fees for the next four years.

As they navigated the challenges and triumphs of their academic journey together, the bond between Pat and her partner grew stronger.

Their love story endured, resulting in the birth of their two sons, a testament to the deep connection they had forged during their time at university.

Netizens Reactions…

@PERFUME VENDOR IN ONDO said; “Is the deep brown own or the light brown egg row please be specific.”

@MERCY commented; “You are the luckiest babe, BSC bagged, husband bagged, and children bagged congratulations.” 

@EGHOSA N said; “Na to just Dey share egg roll and coke for school cold or hot coke?” @Blessing commented: “Congratulations dear.”

@Falaive Toyosi Adera reacted; “Bottle coke or plastic please be specific.”

@Evils commented; “Moral lesson try Dey buy egg roll and coke for boy u fit jam ur husband congrats mama.”

@Presh commented; “As we just commot from university, abeg where be anoda location to buy egg roll and coke for guy.”

@Drama qween commented; “Oya ooo which boy I go buy egg roll and coke.”

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